About Trinity Living


It is our mission to provide a safe, clean, kind and loving home to those entrusted to our care. We will respect each resident's rights, possessions, opinions, religion and race. We will follow each resident's physician's orders, and do our part to give our residents the highest opportunity for optimal Mental & Physical Health.

We will work closely with family members, social workers, nurses, and Physicians to ensure our resident's health and safety. We will promote the highest level of independence in each resident. We will act with Honesty, Integrity and Accountability toward our residents.

Trinity Assisted Living

DBA Trinity at Lewis & Clark, Boise (Full Life Care) and Trinity at 1st Street, Meridian (Home Living) have been in operation since April of 2005 and Trinity Home Living since 2013 in the State of Idaho. With assistance from our highly trained staff, we provide quality care for the elderly; and adults with physical disabilities, developmental delay, traumatic brain injury, dementia and managed mental illness. Providing the opportunity for optimal mental and physical health along with independence for each resident is our ultimate goal.

Our Staff

Our registered nurse is on call 24 hours a day and notified of all accidents, incidents, medication errors and changes in medication as well as significant changes in residents condition. Three way medication checks are performed on a monthly basis, at which time, resident assessments are performed for those in need. Each resident is further evaluated every 90 days by the registered nurse.

Primary staff responsibilities consist of meal preparation; medication assistance; supervision; daily communication with PSR workers and physicians or authorized providers. Home health and hospice providers are contracted as needs require, further assisting staff in maximizing quality care. All actions are provided to ensure optimal residential heath and well-being.