Trinity at 1st Street, Meridian

We also offer a complimentary "Free Day Stay" when contemplating placement in one of our facilities (pending bed availability). This is a great way to make sure our facility is a "good fit". We want residents to feel comfortable with the staff and atmosphere of their new home.


Facility Information
1353 NW 1st Street
Meridian, ID. 83642
Office: 208.898.8957
Fax: 888-219-1695

Administrator: Elishia Smith

Level I, II, & III Facility - Up and Awake 24-Hour Staff.
This is 16-Bed Facility and is a Secured Unit. Not locked down, but residents must enter a code to exit the property grounds. Due to our level of care we have a very low turnover rate; rarely needing to transfer to a nursing home, as they can remain through end of life at Trinity Assisted Living!

Please contact the Administrator for availability at 208.409.1090.

Administrator: Elishia Smith

“I started Trinity Assisted Living shortly after my sons premature birth in 2004. My focus is treating each person as if they were part of my family, to help ease their discomfort of needing Assistance, moving from thier home and losing independence.

This work is such a blessing! My business is built on strong family values. Mike and I have 4 teenagers, and they all work for the company as well as my Dad, John Cole!

My grandmother, Dessie Cole, lived in our facility and was able to spend the remainder of her amazing life, continuing to share her love to everyone she met! To watch her embrace her new housemates as part of her very own family, was the reassurance that I needed that all my hard work was paying off! She told me one day as I was kissing her goodbye, that she thought it would be hard to see me leave each day; but the love that is shown to her at Trinity, by friends and staff, made her feel constantly surrounded by people that love her. She would introduce guests to her housemates as her extended family! It was such a true honor to care for her. The ultimate payback for all the time and effort she spent to help me become who I am today!

I absolutely love my Trinity Family and truly cannot imagine my life, my family, without all the Trinity members!”

- Elishia