Frequently Asked Questions


Some Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Would you say that residents are generally pretty happy with your facilities?
A: We are proud to say that we have not had one resident leave Trinity because they were unhappy.

Q: What kind of meals should residents expect with regards to nutrition?
A: A licensed nutritionist has comprised a home-style, rotating 8-week menu including meals and snacks daily! Families are welcome to view it upon facility tour.

Q: What about the transition to Assisted Living? Is it a difficult adjustment?
A: The Administrator, and highly trained staff, will assist families with the transition into Assisted Living and communicate with family of any significant changes in condition.

Q: Is family allowed to visit residents regularly?
A: We have an open-door policy, so residents can leave with family or friends and participate in outside activities.

Q: What kind of training and certification does the staff have?
A: Prior to employment, each staff member is fingerprinted for Criminal History. They are certified in First Aid, CPR, Fire Safety, and Assistance with Medications. They are also trained and tested through the State of Idaho for Food Safety.


Some Other Company Facts:

  • Trinity Assisted Living does NOT admit residents who have been convicted as a Sexual Offender.
  • Facility Surveys are available at any time and can be viewed at the facility upon request.
  • The Administrator will assist families with filing for financial aid, such as Medicaid.

If you would like to request a service that is not listed here, please contact us anytime.

We offer a variety of services to give our clients the specific care they need, including but not limited to:

  • Housekeeping and Laundry Services
  • Personal Care (Bathing/Bathroom Assistance, Dressing)
  • Assess and Schedule necessary Appointments & Transportation
  • Activities, Group and Individual
  • Three Full Meals and Snacks Daily
  • Three On-Call RN's 24 Hours-a-Day
  • Assistance with Medications
  • Therapy and Hospice cares too

I think that you (Elishia) and Mike do so much for both houses and you keep on caring for us; I am a better person and still alive because of you and your family. Thank you very much.
— Carlos, Resident