Trinity Home Living, Meridian

We also offer a complimentary "Free Day Stay" when contemplating placement in one of our facilities (pending bed availability). This is a great way to make sure our facility is a "good fit". We want residents to feel comfortable with the staff and atmosphere of their new home.

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Facility Information
1448 W. Crest Wood Drive
Meridian, ID. 83642
Office: 208.321.4180
Fax: 888-217-1394

Administrator: Hayley Herring

Level I, II, & III Facility
Up and Awake 24-Hour Staff
Meridian is an 8-Bed Facility with all Private Rooms and boasts an awesome Soaker Jet Tub that is ADA accessible. The facility is a 5 minute walking distance from Dutch Bros coffee, Convenience store, Subway, a Pub, and more. Due to our level of care we have a very low turnover rate.

Please contact the Administrator for availability

Administrator: Hayley Herring

"Trinity by far exceeds my expectations for a great place to work.  In the short time I've been here it has become more than a job but my family.  I love coming to work and getting to be a part of our residents lives, hearing their stories, laughing with them and being someone they can come to when they need help." - Hayley Herring