Life Enrichment (Activities)

We have daily activities in the facility.

Trinity Assisted Living of Idaho, Inc. has a full time dedicated Life Enrichment Coordinator for the purpose of helping our residents be active, happy and to get out in the community, if they wish. A few times during each month we have larger activities, combined with all four facilities. We have played poker, played games, done stamping, made cards and gifts, baked, done yard work, went on walks, taken trips to WalMart, had large BBQ's, gone to the movies, went bowling, went to the zoo, gone camping and fishing, went on hayrides, and much much more. We are always up for ideas as we want to do activities that make our residents live their life to the fullest!


Activities are an essential part of the resident's lives. When a resident is out doing activities the smiles on their faces are like a child's on Christmas morning. The excitement in their eyes and the feeling of acceptance shines through. These are the reasons we do the job we do. Seeing those smiles on their faces puts the warmest feeling in our hearts. We have taken them on a two day camping trip which consisted of fishing and nature walks.

The walks were great for their physical needs and helped clear their minds. Fishing did the same. These activities helped the residents use patience and develop large and small motor skills, as well as the use of social skills. We also took a trip to the zoo which was an exciting time for them learning about and seeing the different kinds of animals.

Jennifer Heil - Life Enrichment Coordinator

Jennifer began working for Trinity Assisted Living as a part time caregiver in early 2014 shortly after the opening of our third facility. Jennifer quickly proved to be a major asset and dedicated staff member.  Eventually Jennifer came on board full time at Trinity Assisted Living to build a career.  One of the many attributes of Jennifer that stood out to management was her unwavering dedication to make time in her day, to show each resident that they were valued.   

If the day was too busy during her shift for Jennifer to sit with any resident, she had no problem donating her time after her shift, to give that one on one time for any resident she was unable to get to.  After seeing this for over a year, it became very clear who the logical choice was for our new Activities Director.  We are so pleased and excited to have Jennifer pioneer this new aspect of Trinity Assisted Living.  We are fully confident, that with her passion and full dedication to enhancing our resident’s quality of life, Jennifer will elevate the activities program for Trinity Assisted Living of Idaho, Inc.

Quote from Jennifer Heil “For me, working for Trinity is like working for family and I cannot imagine myself anywhere else! I enjoyed being a caregiver to our amazing residents and I am so thankful for the opportunity to continue to build relationships with them in a different aspect of their lives. Even with a diverse group, my goal is to enrich the life of each individual resident.”